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1. ROP Attica
URL:  http://www.pepatt.gr/
2. ROP Western Greece
URL:  http://www.dytikiellada.gr/
3. ROP Crete
URL:  http://www.crete-region.gr/
4. ROP Ionian Islands
URL:  http://www.pepionia.gr/
5. ROP E. Macedonia and Thrace
URL:  http://www.eydamth.gr/
6. ROP Thessaly
URL:  http://www.thessalia.gr/pep/default.el.asp
7. ROP Southern Aegean
URL:  http://www.notioaigaio.gr/
8. ROP Western Macedonia
URL:  http://www.pepdym.gr/
9. ROP Northern Aegean
URL:  http://www.pepba.gr/
10. ROP Peloponnese
URL:  http://www.peloponnisos.gr/
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The O.P. "Competitiveness" is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF), the Greek Government and private funds.
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