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Title: Dissemination and promotion of Greek cuisine and support for businesses in obtaining the Greek National Tourism Organization cuisine label (Cycle II)
Publication: 2/3/2006 / Issuing Authority: Greek National Tourism Organization
Protocol Number: 503095

Description: THE GREEK NATIONAL TOURISM ORGANIZATION, in accordance with Decision 503095/2.3.2006 of its Secretary General, invites all those interested to submit applications to the Intermediate Management Agencies, in line with the relevant sample application (Application Form and Proposal Submission Form), in order to express their interest in implementing proposals under the programme «DISSEMINATION AND PROMOTION OF GREEK CUISINE AND SUPPORT FOR BUSINESSES IN OBTAINING THE GNTO GREEK CUISINE LABEL» which forms part of Operation 1, Measure 5.3 of the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’.
The purpose of the Programme is to support agencies in implementing actions to disseminate and promote traditional Greek cuisine (both national, local and creative) in order to make our cuisine an important and recognizable part of the overall Greek tourist product. The programme is also designed to offer support to businesses in obtaining the Greek National Tourism Organization quality cuisine label, and to make the label more widely recognized and used.

Opening date: 2/3/2006 / Closing date: 31/5/2006

Total budget: €10.000.000 / Public spending: €5.000.000

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