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LAW No 3166 - 02/07/2003
Organization and operation of the Press and Communication Offices of the Ministry of Press and Media, and general measures for the media
Ministerial Decisions
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Powers and responsibilities of the Special Management Authority for the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’ - 11/06/2004
The Special Secretary of the ‘Special Secretariat for Competitiveness’, the Director of the Special Management Authority of the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’, and the Chief Officers of the Units of the Special Management Authority are authorised to sign ‘By order of the Minister’
Presidential Rulings
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PRESIDENTIAL DECREE 101 - 23/04/2003
Further amending Presidential decree 346/98 (A’230) as already amended in Presidential Decree 18/2000 (A’15) concerning public contracts for services, in compliance with the provisions of Directive 2001/78/EC of the Commission dated 13 September 2001
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