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01/03/2005 3rd Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum
Relevant Date: 4/3/2005

For the third consecutive year, the City of Athens Centre for Employment and Entrepreneurship and the Employment Service of the French Consulate are organising the Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum. The Forum takes place on 4 and 5 March at “Technopolis”, with the aim of informing the public about the market, work, employment and entrepreneurship, and encouraging direct dialogue between public bodies, businesses and citizens.

Through the Special Secretariat for Competitiveness and the Operational Programmes for Competitiveness, the Ministry of Development is also participating in the 3rd Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum. It is participating in the framework of its commitment to spread a spirit of entrepreneurship and increase employment, especially among young people and women, following the announcement of 2005 as Competitiveness Year.

The 3rd Employment and Entrepreneurship Forum is open from 9am to 7pm and the Ministry of Development occupies stand D12 in pavilion P6.

An EOMMEX official will also be at the Ministry of Development stand to provide information about Operational Programme for Competitiveness programmes which have been announced (with particular emphasis on youth entrepreneurship) and which are to be announced in 2005.

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