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07/12/2005 Forthcoming invitation for proposals for the programme “Support for SME Business Plans in the sector of Industrial Subcontracting”
Relevant Date: 7/12/2005

The programme is expected to be announced in December and aims to improve Greek subcontracting businesses. The planning of the programme is based on the findings of “A study of measures to promote Industrial Subcontracting for the support of SMEs by EOMMEX SA”, which was carried out in the framework of the Third Community Support Framework.

The programme is planned in the framework of action 2.7.3 (Increasing SME Competitiveness in the Industrial Subcontracting Sector) and aims to improve Greek Subcontracting Businesses, giving the potential for:

  • Modernization of production processes
  • Improved know-how in the areas of planning, quality control, etc Γ
  • Adoption of innovative production methods
  • Improved information regarding international market trends

For the needs of the programme, a business will be considered an Industrial Subcontracting SME if more than 50% of its average turnover for the last three years is from subcontracting.

To prove the above, the business must have legal documentation for every relevant sale, which in sum will show that:

  • The good sold can be manufactured by the business
  • The good sold can be a component or part of another final industrial product
  • The purchaser is a manufacturing business that produces this final industrial product

The programme will be implemented for a short period of time. The Public Financing comes to 17 million euros and concerns the following sectors:

  • Manufacture of metal components and metal processing
  • Plastic and rubber
  • Metal and mechanical constructions
  • Electrical and electrical material
  • Components e.g. made of wood, glass etc
  • Subcontractor services

At the same time, to promote Industrial Planning as a factor in increasing the competitiveness of a business’s products, EOMMEX has planned and is funding “A Study of Measures to Promote Industrial Planning for the Support of SMEs by EOMMEX SA”. The study is in progress and on the basis of its findings, proposals will be made for Industrial Planning infrastructure and support programmes.

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