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2 years of Clusters - 13/06/2008
Through the OP Competitiveness action ‘Creation of a nucleus of Clusters’ a pioneering and highly ambitious undertaking was launched, with a high degree of technological specialization, an expression of a shared vision and a fine example of collaboration between public and private sectors.
The search for the most entrepreneurial region in the EU is on again. The Commission has just launched the 2008 European Enterprise Awards (EEA). - 06/05/2008
The EEA are rewarding excellence in enterprise and entrepreneurship promotion especially at regional level. Participation is open to national, regional or local authorities, or public-private partnerships, from anywhere in the EU and Norway.
"Supplementary training course for workers, the seasonally unemployed and businessmen in the tourism sector, designed to upgrade their knowledge" - 05/12/2007
An announcement by the Vocational Training Centres implementing training schemes under action "Supplementary training course for workers, the seasonally unemployed and businessmen in the tourism sector, designed to upgrade their knowledge".
Open International Competition for Research by the Greek R&T Special Skills Observatory (ΕPΕΤΕ) - 19/11/2007
The General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Ministry of Development announces an invitation for an open international competition for the project of the Hellenic Research and Technology Special Skills Observatory (EPETE) titled:

"Progress Monitoring of Issues involving Research & Technology Special Skills and the progress of the Research & Technology Sector in Greece" total budget 643.999,00€ including VAT at 19%.

The Hellenic Observatory for Research and Technology Special Skills (EPETE) is included in the OP ‘Competitiveness’ under Axis 8 «Human Resources», Measure 8.3 «Human Research and Technology Resources», Action 8.3.4. «Monitoring of gaps in R&T in the labour market and identification of shortages in R&T skill areas» and is 80% co-funded by the European Social Fund (ΕSF) with the remaining 20% from national resources.

Final date and time for submission of tenders: Thursday 10/01/2008, 11:00am

Announcement of the end of action 8.1.6.«Employee Training in Tourism Sector Businesses» - 13/06/2006
Due to the full take-up of available funds amounting to €7,529,938.73 for project (In-house training in the tourism sector) of action 8.1.6 (Employee Training in Tourism Sector Businesses) of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness in CSF ΙΙΙ 2000-2006, we inform you that no further proposals will be accepted.
Extension of deadline for submission of proposals for Reinforcement of SMEs in the Industrial Subcontracting sector (ΜΜΕ-ΒΥ) - 29/03/2006
The Ministry of Development’s General Secretariat for Industry calls on all interested parties to participate in the programme “Reinforcement of SME in the Industrial Subcontracting sector (ΜΜΕ-ΒΥ)”. This programme is part of measure 2.7 “Reinforcement of competitiveness of SME and VSE” of the “Operational Programme for Competitiveness” in Community Support Framework IV.
Prepublication of a call for expressions of interest for Action 2.8.2 (Female Entrepreneurship) - 08/03/2006
Prepublication of a call for expressions of interest for Action 2.8.2 (“Increasing Female Entrepreneurship”)
For information and preparation of investors, the rules for implementing the action are attached (Greek version).
“Recognition of excellence in the promotion of regional enterprise” - 10/02/2006
Contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship in your town or region.
Postponement of the forthcoming call for tenders “Participation of Greek Research & Technology Institutions in activities/programmes of international organisations – 2005” - 22/12/2005
Further information will be announced in the first quarter of 2006
OPEN INVITATION TO TENDER FOR THE PROJECT “Evaluation of the results of the educational support of the ‘Diktyotheite’ programme” - 14/12/2005
The purpose of the project is to monitor the progress made by Diktyotheite SMEs regarding their involvement in e-business as a result of educational support received in the framework of the programme, and the evaluation of the effectiveness of the intervention through quantitative and qualitative indicators.
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