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12/05/2008 O.P. ‘Competitiveness’ Event in the Region of Attica

The two-month roadshow in the country’s thirteen Regions – organized by the Special Secretariat for Competitiveness of the Ministry of Development - has finally reached its end in Athens.

Five hundred persons were present at the Dais Cultural Centre to hear the General Secretaries for Development, Industry, Research and Development, Consumer Protection, Commerce and Tourist Development speaking on the priority axes of the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness and

Entrepreneurship’ (EPAN II) and the prospects opened up by the new Programme.

In his remarks the Deputy Minister for Development, Stavros Kalafatis, spoke of the results of the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’ 2000-2006 in the areas of industry, energy, research and technology, stressing that the O.P. ‘Competitiveness’ allowed the attainment of objectives which are basic priorities of the new development model being promoted by the Ministry of Development. ‘A package of actions, whose strategic goal is to improve the competitiveness of the Greek economy and to achieve the social and economic convergence of our country with the other developed countries of the European Union’.

Τhe Special Secretary for Competitiveness, Eleftherios Stavropoulos, reviewing the results of consultations conducted in the country’s regions, emphasized the important and meaningful contribution made by local agencies, the business, research and academic communities, in defining the measures of the O.P. ‘Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship’, underlining that ‘the new Programme will respond more effectively to the new challenges and needs of the country’s businesses’.

Development Minister Christos Folias stressed that the focus of the government’s interest is to strengthen SMEs to help them create products and services of high quality with high added value.

The final session of the event featured a discussion involving statutory agencies and representatives of the business and academic-research communities, moderated by the journalist Babis Papapanayiotou.

Those attending the event had the chance to play their part in the discussion by submitting their own questions to the panellists. Finally guests were given a tour of an exhibition of photographs featuring projects funded and supported by the O.P. ‘Competitiveness’. Some 4,000 internet users were also able to follow the proceedings live by visiting the event website.

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