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21/09/2004 Industrial Zones invitation

The Minister for Development, Dimitris Sioufas, has signed a decision inviting interested bodies to submit proposals for the implementation of projects to expand, add to and improve existing national industrial zones, where private or mixed management bodies are created. The projects will receive grants from the Operational Programme for Competitiveness of the third Community Support Framework (Action 1.1.2.).

The budget for the action is 20,500,000 euros, of which 8,800,000 euros comes from public expenditure.

The projects, which concern the creation of shared infrastructure at industrial zones, are as follows:

  • Electrical engineering projects and other facilities and mechanical equipment for shared services at industrial zones, electronic management equipment for shared services and expenditure facilitating the use of modern technological communication and computer infrastructure, as well as expenditure on new buildings or on upgrading, renovating, improving and expanding existing service buildings at industrial zones.
  • Expenditure on plans to remodel the area and buildings, on the landscaping of the surrounding area and on construction projects such as building and improving roads; building, improving, adding to and expanding sewage and rainwater drainage networks; and expenditure on building other facilities (pipelines, reservoirs, boreholes, etc); as well as expenditure to improve electrical lighting and communication networks.
  • Expenditure on studies and plans for shared infrastructure as described above.

The basic objective of these projects is to improve the competitiveness of businesses by exploiting the advantages that come from being located in organised zones equipped with the appropriate infrastructure in selected parts of the country. They also achieve high-specification infrastructure, produce greater efficiency, and allow entrepreneurs to quickly exploit new investment opportunities and direct investments.

Finally, the programme encourages businesses in industrial zones to establish management bodies.

For more information, please call the competent service (tel: 210-6969268, websites: www.ggb.gr and www.ypan.gr) from tomorrow, 22 September 2004.

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