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22/09/2004 Setting up of Environmental Management Systems

Development minister Dimitris Sioufas has signed decisions to implement business plans that support activities concerning the setting up of Environmental Management Systems.

Thirty-seven businesses with a total budget of 4,565,906 euros were approved for inclusion in the second cycle of Action 2.9.2. (“Support for environmental plans”) and 72 businesses with a total budget of 1,486,300 euros in the third cycle of Action 2.5.2. (“Support for businesses in the setting up of an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001”) of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness.

This is the Ministry of Development’s second intervention to create environmental infrastructure that will protect the environment and increase entrepreneurship. The first was on 18 August 2004, when Mr Sioufas announced that 29 businesses would be included in the first cycle of Action 2.9.4. (“Supporting the creation and expansion of units to manage and use waste” ) of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness, with a total budget of 52.6 million euros.

The “Support for environmental plans” programme concerns the drawing up of environmental business plan by businesses that have filed or are to receive a green mark for products in accordance with ΕΜΑS environmental management rules. The grant is 50% of the budget for proposals which, apart from the cost of drawing up studies and certifying products or verification, also include equipment which must however contribute to protection of the environment. Forty proposals have been submitted in this cycle. This is a significant number of businesses, considering that about 80 businesses will be EMAS-registered for the first two cycles, against the 9 existing today.

The “Support for businesses in the setting up of an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001” programme is directed at small and medium-sized enterprises in the sectors of manufacturing, trade and tourism, and businesses providing services in specific sectors. The maximum budget for each proposal is 30,000 euros, covering expenditure on services connected with the planning, development, application and certification of an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001. The grant is 40% of the total budget for each proposal. Eighty proposals have been submitted in this cycle.

These two actions, apart from having a positive environmental effect and ensuring the better operation of industrial and non-industrial facilities, also improve the environmental impact of businesses in Greece, since the number of units registered with ΕΜΑS and/or certified in accordance with ISO 14001 are crucial indicators in many EU tables, where our country is lagging behind significantly.

In comparison with the EMAS-registered environmental management system, ISO 14001 has more flexible procedures and is more suitable for SMEs. The programme will be implemented through the Intermediary Management Bodies.

Tables with approved proposals by action, prefecture and Intermediary Management Body. [pdf]

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