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01/04/2005 Transfer and spread of technology to businesses

Development minister Dimitris Sioufas and education minister Marietta Yannakou have signed decisions to support the transfer and spread of technology to businesses. Forty-four proposals have been approved for inclusion and financing in Action (Bilateral and Multilateral Research & Technology Development cooperation), with a total budget of 593,080 euros.

The programme is part of Measure 4.3 of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness (“Encouraging research and the transfer and spread of technology to businesses. Support for international scientific and technological cooperation and transfer of technology.”)

The purpose of the Programme is to offer encouragement to Greek businesses, industrial companies, research centres, universities and technological educational institutes and provide them with incentives to participate actively in transnational projects. The programmes covers a number of areas, including farming, and food technology–biotechnology, information technology and networks, telecommunications and transport, the environment and renewable sources of energy, health, materials and nanotechnology, as well as cultural heritage.

Participation in the programme requires cooperation in Research and Technological Development (RTD), with at least one industrial company, knowledge-intensive business, research centre, institute, etc. in a European state and/or a country outside Europe (the projects which are financed concern Greece’s scientific and technological cooperation with Spain, Russia and Slovakia). The maximum budget for each executed project is 23,480 euros, and maximum public expenditure per executed project 17,600 euros.

In more detail:

(a) Proposals submitted by universities, technological educational institutes, public sector research bodies and private legal entities are eligible for 100% financing, with a maximum grant of 11,740 euros.

(b) Proposals submitted by other public and private sector organisations are eligible for 50% financing of their total budget, with a maximum public grant of 11,740 euros.

(c) Proposal submitted jointly by organisations in groups (a) and (b) have a total budget of up to 23,480 euros and a maximum public grant of 17,600 euros.

This is the third intervention by the Ministry of Development regarding the transfer and spread of technology to businesses through international cooperation. The first was completed on 22 October 2004, when Mr Sioufas signed the inclusion and financing of businesses in Action (“International Cooperation in Industrial Research and development activities at a pre-competition stage”), with a total budget of 2,488,918 euros. The programme is also included in Measure 4.3.

The second intervention concerned the inclusion and financing of 13 proposals focusing on scientific and technological cooperation between Greece and Serbia, Poland and France, in the framework of the same Action, on 29 October 2004.

Specifically, the financing concerns these projects.

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