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05/05/2005 Creation of liaison offices in universities, technological educational institutes and research centres

Development minister Dimitris Sioufas and education minister Marietta Yannakou have signed decisions to support the creation of Liaison Offices in universities, technological educational institutes and research centres. Specifically, 12 proposals were approved for inclusion and financing under Action 4.2.3 (Liaison Offices – Technocatalysts) with a total budget of 3,507,825 euros.

The programme is part of Measure 4.2 of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness (“Incubators for new knowledge-intensive businesses, science and technology parks and research centres with the participation of businesses”).

This decision is designed to create new Liaison Offices, where necessary, and to strengthen already operating or existing Liaison Offices in the country’s universities, technological educational institutes and research centres, in order to improve their effectiveness.

With the promotion of this initiative, mechanisms are being created which will help achieve the commercial exploitation of every kind of product or specialist service deriving from research and academic bodies, the provision of consultative services to research bodies, institutes and businesses, and the creation and/or support of spin-off companies etc.

The projects receive a 100% grant with public expenditure (30% financing from national resources and 70% financing from the European Regional Development Fund).

Attached: a table of projects financed and the corresponding sums.

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table of projects financed

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