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12/05/2005 Prepublication of Action 2.12.6

The Ministry of Development is to announce Action 2.12.6 in the framework of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness, which provides grants for enterprises to relocate to Industrial Zones, Industrial Parks, Small Industry Parks and Technology Parks organised under Law 4458/65 or Law 2545/97.

Action 2.12.6 is financed from European Union resources through the European Regional Development Fund, and from public and private resources.

The aim of the action is to encourage the relocation of enterprises to organised industrial and light industrial areas for developmental and environmental reasons.

The action will cover the entire country and will be implemented in the institutional framework of EC Regulation 69/2001 (the “De minimis” aid regulation). The regulation states that an enterprise can receive total aid of 100,000 euros in a three-year period. The action will be implemented through Intermediary Bodies under Presidential Decree 98/96.

Manufacturing enterprises will be eligible, with the exception of enterprises in the food sector involved in primary processing of products from the agricultural sector, as defined in the former Annex ΙΙ of Article 32 (formerly Article 38) of the Treaty on European Union, as it applies. The budget for each proposal may be between 30,000 and 200,000 euros.

Eligible expenditure shall include the cost of disassembling, transporting and installing equipment, erecting or adapting buildings, and of equipment necessary for the more competitive operation of the enterprise in its new position.

Special priority will be given in cases in which the relocation has not only a growth-related but also an environmental dimension. Particular emphasis will be placed on the maturity of proposals from the point of view of the readiness of the enterprises, the availability of infrastructure at the site of relocation, and the existence of the necessary permits in each case. Proposals may not be submitted without a building permit for the place of relocation.

Expenditure made following the submission of the application shall be eligible

All details will be clarified with the announcement of the Action, which is expected at the end of May 2005.

Following the official announcement of the Action in the Greek press, interested enterprises shall submit a full file to the Industrial Siting & Environment Directorate, containing an application form, a proposal form (business plan) with a detailed and documented budget of the projects concerning the above categories of eligible expenditure, and supporting documents. The application form, the proposal form and the instructions can be obtained from the Ministry of Development website www.ypan.gr ή www.antagonistikotita.gr)and from the Industrial Siting & Environment Directorate after the announcement of the programme.

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