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13/05/2005 Development of Industrial Research and Technology

After a speech by research and technology general secretary Professor Ioannis Tsoukalas, development minister Dimitris Sioufas, signed decisions to encourage and develop industrial research and to promote innovation with grants for projects to be executed in Greece by new businesses. Specifically, he approved inclusion and financing of 9 proposals in the second cycle of Action 4.3.2 (Programme to Develop Industrial Research and Technology in New Enterprises) with a total budget of 2,444,044 euros.

This is a second set of grants since, on 13 April 2005, Mr Sioufas approved inclusion and financing of 17 other proposals in the second cycle of Action 4.3.2, with a total budget of 3,366,804 euros.

This programme is included in the Operational Programme for Competitiveness, and specifically concerns Greek businesses in all sectors of the economy which are less than five years old. This action strengthens the process of searching for new knowledge and methods for transferring advanced research to traditional industrial sectors, contributing to the improved productivity of businesses and the production of new or improved products or services with high added value. To achieve the objective of Action 4.3.2, the opportunity is given for part of the project to be carried out under contract by university laboratories, Technological Educational Institutes, Public Research Centres, the EOMMEX innovations centre Industrial Research and Technological Development Companies.

The purpose of the Programme is to improve competitiveness, enlarge the domestic and international market share of new businesses (those which are less than 5 years old), and contribute to the creation of new jobs in Research and Technological Development, with the employment of new staff in businesses.

Private participation ranges between 40% and 55%, depending on the type of project proposed (industrial research / precompetitive activity) while public expenditure is jointly financed through national and Community resources. The expenditure covers personnel (existing and new), research equipment, consumables and travel.

Financing concerns the following projects.

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