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18/04/2005 Exhibition of innovative products at the Zappion Hal

European Commission president Jose Manuel Barrosο today visited the exhibition of innovative products and services “Technology on land and at sea” at the Zappion Hall, where he spent an hour being guided around by development minister Dimitris Sioufas and General Secretariat for Research and Technology Prof Ioannis Tsoukalas.

Also present were deputy development ministers Giorgos Salagoudis and Giannis Papathanasiou, general secretary for development Nikos Stefanou, special secretary for competitiveness Spiros Efstathopoulos, New Democracy production and trade coordinator and president of the parliamentary committee on production and trade Giorgos Kalatzas, Pasok production and trade coordinator Anna Diamantopoulou, and vice-president of the National Research and Technology Council Dimitris Trichopoulos.

After the tour, Mr Barroso said:

“In the framework of the Lisbon Strategy we are now placing greater emphasis on knowledge, research, science and innovation, and on what they can offer the growth of our economies. I am pleased to see that Greece has found a way – to be precise it is already being implemented – for this very important priority that must be given to research methods. These achievements, at least most of them, are co-financed by the European Union and the Greek authorities, and I am certain that taxpayers’ money has been well-used with this investment in the future. We must make Europe more competitive, we must invest more in science, research and innovation.”

After Mr Barroso, Mr Sioufas made the following statement:

“I feel very pleased and honoured, as do the government and the political leadership of the Ministry of Development, to welcome the president of the European Commission, Mr Jose Manuel Barroso, to this historic building, the Zappion Hall, where in 1979 the treaty for Greece’s accession to the then European Economic Community was signed, and where the exhibition “Technology on land and at sea” is now being held. We showed Mr Barroso the country’s research centres and businesses that are working together or independently, and, of course, with research institutes in Europe; their performance and how much research and technology can do today in Greece; and how we can link this performance, these triumphs, these inventions, with production, both for our country and for the whole world.
This event is taking place in the framework of Competitiveness Year, as we have declared 2005 and the coming years, to build a competitive Greece, all together. Thank you very much once again, Mr President. It is a great honour to welcome you here today.
I also wanted to note that you have seen proof that national resources, and principally Community resources, produce results.”

The exhibition was organised by the Ministry of Development (the General Secretariat for Research and Technology and the Special Secretariat for Competitiveness) in the framework of Competitiveness Year 2005, and includes exhibits from research and technology centres that operate under the supervision of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (the National Centre for Maritime Research, the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, the Clothing Textile and Fibre Technology Development Company, the Institute for Language and Speech Processing, the Foundation for Research and Technology, Demokritos, the Center for Renewable Energy Sources), as well as the National Agricultural Research Foundation (which is overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture), and the Hellenic Institute of Metrology (which is overseen by the Ministry of Development’s General Secretariat for Industry), and from private sector companies.

In the foyer of the Zappion Hall are exhibited the bathyscaphe “Thetis” (with its robot), the world’s first neutrino telescope and the buoy from the Poseidon system. The exhibits result from research and technology programmes implemented in the framework of the CSF III Operational Programmes for Competitiveness and the Information Society, and were co-financed by Community and national resources.

Top officials, professors and researchers are at the stands to provide all the additional technical information about the development of the products, while at the same time, demonstrations and presentations take place.

Attached:information about the exhibitors and exhibits in “Technology on land and at sea”.

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