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Opportunities for enterprises from OPC - 20/08/2008
The Special Secretariat of Competitiveness reminds that via the Operational Programme of "Competitiveness", of the Ministry of Development, there are two proclamations, which concern enterprises. The first one concerns the subsidy to assist with costs of borrowing and financial leasing of small and very small enterprises and is carried out by the Credit Guarantee Fund of Small and Very Small Enterprises (TEMPME). The present energy is aiming at contributing to the improvement of competitiveness by increasing the degree of access for small and very small enterprises in sources of financing and reducing the cost of lending. The action addresses at existing or new founded small and very small enterprises, located in Greece, occupying until 20 workers and presenting annual turnover 10 millions euros. The application’s duration is until 1st September 2008.
Export of good practices from the OPC to Europe - 31/07/2008
The initiative of 13 Centres of Entrepreneurial and Technological Development is included in the list of 27 good practices, called BEST “Final Report of the Expert Group on supporting the internationalization of SMEs”. The 13 centres operate in the capital of every prefecture of each region and contribute to providing up-to-date information and support for SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs, to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and to monitoring competitiveness – forming an integrated network of business support structures. In addition, the centre promotes the stimulation of groups of companies ready and able to embark on export activities to participate in common efforts for the promotion of their goods and services in international markets. This is activated in coordination and cooperation with the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board.
3rd Conference of Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen of Greek Technological Educational Institutes - 11/06/2008
The Special Secretary for Competitiveness Eleftherios Stavropoulos spoke on the need to match science and entrepreneurship at the 3rd Conference of Chairmen and Deputy Chairmen of Greek Technological Educational Institutes, held on Wednesday 11 June in Herakleio, Crete...
Transfer of expertise to Czech Republic under OP Competitiveness - 05/06/2008
On Thursday 5 June 2008 a meeting was held at the offices of the Special Secretariat for Competitiveness of the Ministry of Development, between Greek and Czech representatives of the Operational Programmes ‘Competitiveness’ and ‘Industry and Entrepreneurship’, respectively....
‘Competitiveness and exports – an interactive relationship’ - 16/05/2008
At today’s meeting in Athens of the National Council for Competitiveness and Development, organized to discuss the annual Competitiveness Report for 2007, the Chairman of the Federation of Exporters of Northern Greece (SEVE), Vasileios Thomaidis, put forward a package of concrete proposals and measures to improve the competitiveness of the Greek economy...
Award conferred on the Special Secretary for Competitiveness, Mr. Lefteris Stavropoulos - 18/04/2008
At an event staged by the European Parliament on Tuesday 15th April, Mr. Lefteris Stavropoulos, Special Secretary for Competitiveness at the Ministry of Development, received an award from the Greek Network of Small Islands (EDMN) for his contribution to the development of the Network and to the promotion of policies to boost competitiveness and entrepreneurship on small islands...
“Results of the assessment of the Get on Line Training Support programme” - 04/04/2008
GRNET (the National Research and Technology Network of Greece) recently performed the second phase of a survey involving the SMEs that had benefited from the Training Support provided by the Dictyotheite - Get on line programme since 2005, in order to assess that programme’s impact on their business practices. ...
7th meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’ - 1st Monitoring Committee meeting of the new Operational Programme of the Ministry for Development ‘Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship’ - 26/03/2008
The 7th meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’ is scheduled to take place in the Conference Hall of the Athens Imperial hotel at 09:00 on Thursday March 27, 2008. The agenda includes a presentation of Programme progress and key figures concerning competitiveness and entrepreneurship in the sectors of industry, energy, tourism, research and technology, trade and the services....
Award for first floating ecological desalination plant, funded by the OP ‘Competitiveness’ - 18/03/2008
The European Union has conferred a special award on the first European, ecological, floating desalination plant, which was funded by the Ministry of Development’s Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’ 2000-2006. The main contracting agency for the project was the University of the Aegean....
Open conference of the Federation of Greek Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (O.E.SY.N.E.) - 17/03/2008
The Federation of Greek Associations of Young Entrepreneurs (O.E.SY.N.E.) has held an open conference to present the Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship Programme (NSRF 2007-2013) and the 1st World Entrepreneurship Week.
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