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Promoting support for Trading VSEs - 02/03/2005
“In the framework of implementing the Operational Programme for Competitiveness, the Ministry of Development is promoting the implementation of Action 2.11.1, which concerns the increased competitiveness of very small enterprises, with Trade being included in the Action for the first time. The programme is overseen by the General Secretariat of Trade and will be implemented through the Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Handicrafts (EOMMEX).”
2nd ESAA Congress - 02/03/2005
Development minister Dimitris Sioufas today presided over the second congress of the National Competitiveness and Development Council (ESAA) following the passing of Law 3279/2004, which upgraded the ESAA and gave it new responsibilities.
Prepublication for Action 2.11.1 - 03/03/2005
Prepublication for Action 2.11.1 (“Increasing the Competitiveness of Very Small Trading Enterprises”) in Measure 2.11 (“Supporting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Tertiary Sector”)
For the information and preparation of investors the prepublication of the programme is attached.
The European Union Competitiveness Council - 07/03/2005
Minister for Development Dimitris Sioufas, the head of the Greek delegation, took part in the meeting of the European Union Competitiveness Council in Brussels today (7 March 2005). Greece was represented by deputy finance minister Christos Folias, general secretary for trade and development Prof Ioannis Tsoukalas, and special secretary for competitiveness Spiros Efstathopoulos.
Briefing MEPs about the Lisbon Strategy - 20/03/2005
On Friday 18 March 2005, in the Sofianopoulos Room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1 Vasilissis Sofias Avenue), development minister Dimitris Sioufas and head of the prime minister’s finance office Prof Eleni Louri, with the participation of ministry of development special secretary for competitiveness Spiros Efstathopoulos, met with Greek members of the European Parliament.
Prepublication of Action 2.12.3 - 28/03/2005
The Ministry of Development’s General Secretariat for Industry has announced its intention to publish a call for proposals for Action 2.12.3 of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness, concerning projects to renovate and return abandoned industrial buildings to industrial use.
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