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Transfer and spread of technology to businesses - 01/04/2005
Development minister Dimitris Sioufas and education minister Marietta Yannakou have signed decisions to support the transfer and spread of technology to businesses. Forty-four proposals have been approved for inclusion and financing in Action (Bilateral and Multilateral Research & Technology Development cooperation), with a total budget of 593,080 euros.
Indexes of international competitiveness and Greece’s ranking - 04/04/2005
Development minister Dimitris Sioufas spoke at a meeting organised today by the Ministry of Development on indexes of international competitiveness and Greece’s ranking, at which the country’s competitiveness was for the first time presented on the basis of 17 international indexes.
Announcement of Action 2.11.1 - 08/04/2005
A ministerial decision signed today officially announces Action 2.11.1 (to increase the competitiveness of very small trading enterprises)
Exhibition of innovative products at the Zappion Hal - 18/04/2005
European Commission president Jose Manuel Barrosο today visited the exhibition of innovative products and services “Technology on land and at sea” at the Zappion Hall, where he spent an hour being guided around by development minister Dimitris Sioufas and General Secretariat for Research and Technology Prof Ioannis Tsoukalas.
Press conference on aid policy and market image - 22/04/2005
At a press conference today the new policy of the Ministry of Development was presented regarding aid for business plans to directly improve competitiveness. The image of the Greek market and the measures to ensure its smooth operation in view of the Easter holiday were examined, and clarification was provided regarding the dangerous Chinese electric iron sold in Greece.
Improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises - 25/04/2005
At an Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry event to provide information on increasing the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, general secretary for industry Spiros Papadopoulos, special secretary for competitive Spiros Efstathopoulos, and EOMMEX managing director Ε. Skandalis, together with Ministry of Development and EOMMEX officials, presented the policies, programmes and individual actions of the Ministry of Development to support SMEs.
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