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Two-day visit to Dublin by the Special Secretary for Competitiveness, Spiros Efstathopoulos - 12/04/2006
Special secretary for competitiveness Spiros Efstathopoulos last week made a two-day visit to Dublin, where he represented the Minister for Development, Dimitris Sioufas, at meetings with officials from Ireland’s Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and Ministry of Finance.
Funds for eight Intermediary Management Bodies and eight Supervisory Bodies - 13/04/2006
Funds have been made available for eight Intermediary Management Bodies to make the necessary payments to Operational Programme for Competitiveness beneficiaries, and for eight Supervisory Bodies to pay for co-financed studies and projects between March 2004 and March 2006.
The national stage of the European Commission’s European Enterprise Awards. - 13/04/2006
At a press conference at the Ministry of Development, development minister Dimitris Sioufas, deputy development minister Anastasios Nerantzis and general secretary for industry Spiros Papadopoulos launched the national stage of the European Commission’s European Enterprise Awards.
Development minister Dimitris Sioufas and education minister Marietta Yannakou have signed decisions to support the transfer and dissemination of technology to businesses - 18/04/2006
Specifically, 160 proposals have been approved for financing under Action (Bilateral and Multilateral Research & Technology Development cooperation), with total subsidies of 4,750,000 euros
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