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Entrepreneurship among women in Greece - 13/06/2008
Women are estimated to account for 10-15% of all entrepreneurial activity...
Action for the creation, development or upgrading of business parks - 13/06/2008
An invitation to declare an interest in the creation or upgrading of business parks is being issued to interested parties by the General Secretariat for Industry of the Ministry of Development. By decision of the Secretary, Meletios Tzaferis, interested parties may submit proposals up until 31 August 2008...
Awareness-raising campaign to promote combined heat/power co-generation and renewable sources of energy - 13/06/2008
Energy-saving and generation of power from renewable sources – the two axes of Ministry of Development strategy …
Sataweb.com: dynamic development in the internet service sector - 06/06/2008
Another pioneering Greek company set up with support from the OP Competitiveness...
Targeted actions for the sustainable development of SMEs and industry - 06/06/2008
Issues concerning SMEs, industry, research-technology and innovation were the main focus at the recent meeting of the European Council for Competitiveness, held in Brussels on 29 and 30 May. Special emphasis was laid on the forthcoming European initiative, the Small Business Act, which will seek improvement of the regulatory framework for small and medium-sized businesses...
Creating infrastructures to facilitate entrepreneurial activity of SMEs - 03/06/2008
The Athens Chamber of Small and Medium Sized Industries (BEA) proposals for ‘Competitiveness’...
National Prizes to be awarded at Gazi - 02/06/2008
Development Minister Christos Folias will today be attending the awarding of prizes for business excellence at the Yiannis Ritsos Amphitheatre, Technopolis, Gazi...
From the spindle to the photovoltaic cell – advances in the textile industry - 01/06/2008
Pioneering and innovative textile products, with integrated photovoltaic features, are being developed by three Greek businesses, with the research support of the Democritus University of Thrace and the ΕΤΑΚΕΙ (Society for Technological Development, Textiles, Clothing and Fibres), a demonstration that there is a promising future for our traditional industries...
Green innovation - 01/06/2008
In a country like Greece, where industry tends to be confined to the food sector, it is difficult for the spark of innovation to find suitable fuel to kindle a healthy flame. Yet there appears to be new hope in the form of the internet, which allows inventors to find ways of implementing their ideas. Their inspiration? Life in a community which knows how to manage its resources, how to use technology to avoid a life among landfill sites...
Greece changes gear - 01/06/2008
The Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship’ defines the strategy for boosting competitiveness and enhancing the outward-oriented entrepreneurship of the Greek economy, in the context of the more general national development strategy for the new period 2007-2013...
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