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Action for the creation, development or upgrading of business parks - 13/06/2008
An invitation to declare an interest in the creation or upgrading of business parks is being issued to interested parties by the General Secretariat for Industry of the Ministry of Development. By decision of the Secretary, Meletios Tzaferis, interested parties may submit proposals up until 31 August 2008...
Awareness-raising campaign to promote combined heat/power co-generation and renewable sources of energy - 13/06/2008
Energy-saving and generation of power from renewable sources – the two axes of Ministry of Development strategy …
New actions for energy performance - 05/06/2006
The Ministry of Development is inviting proposals under Action 3.1.2 (Designation of Reliable & Efficient Energy Equipment and Energy Products), which is part of Measure 3.1 (Promotion of Business Excellence in the Energy Sector) of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness in CSF ΙΙΙ 2000-2006
EU directive to help environment - 01/06/2006
The implementation of Community Directive 2002/91 on the energy performance of buildings is expected to help limit the country’s dependence on oil, improve the energy performance of buildings, and reduce the causes of climate change.
Greece looks at other fuel markets - 12/05/2006
Russia and Algeria are reliable, but in the spirit of Europe’s energy policy, the Greek government is moving to find other suppliers, particularly of natural gas.
Energy research and competitiveness in Europe - 29/04/2006
Article by the advisor to the special secretary for competitiveness in the Greek edition of the Economist (published with Kathimerini on Saturday 29 April 2006)
LNG solution: 300,000,000 euros to be invested in the Revythoussa plant - 08/04/2006
Increased global demand for liquefied natural gas is creating an overriding need for new investment both in production and in new pipeline and plant infrastructure.
The Minister for Development, Dimitris Sioufas, yesterday inaugurated the Komotini-Alexandroupoli pipeline - 04/04/2006
Construction will be completed in approximately one year and will make Greece a regional hub for the transportation of natural gas.
Opening ceremony for the Komotini - Alexandroupolis natural gas pipe, which is an extension of the Greek-Turkish pipeline. - 30/03/2006
ΤThe start of construction work on the natural gas pipe between Komotini and Alexandroupolis will be announced by Minister of Development Dimitris Sioufas this coming Monday in the Industrial Region of Komotini.
RES proposals to the Operational Programme for Competitiveness total 183 million euros - 01/03/2006
SEVENTY -five (75) financing proposals with a total budget of 183,165,064.25 euros have been submitted by 47 businesses in Central and Western Macedonia under Measure 6.5 of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness, which concerns the advancement of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
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