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Mathios – Operational Programme for Competitiveness investment approval - 25/05/2006
The 4-million-euro investment by the listed company Mathios Refractories SA comes under the subsidised development programme of the Third Community Support Framework concerning competitiveness.
Greece looks at other fuel markets - 12/05/2006
Russia and Algeria are reliable, but in the spirit of Europe’s energy policy, the Greek government is moving to find other suppliers, particularly of natural gas.
ΣFederation of Industries of Northern Greece – Regional convergence at the top of the agenda - 11/05/2006
Summing up, Mr Milonas underlined that the primary issue for the government will have to be regional convergence
After five years, trade and industry picks up - - 11/05/2006
Greek economy shows increase in competitiveness
Money flows into Competitiveness - 06/05/2006
In total, seven Industrial Business Zones will receive financing from the Operational Programme for Competitiveness, according to development minister Dimitris Sioufas. In additional, thirteen industrial parks are to be created in collaboration with the Regional Operational Programme.
Innovation Zone proceeds with leaps and bounds - 22/02/2006
The aim is to safeguard the prospects for development of Thessaloniki and the wider area, with the creation of a permanent structure that will attract innovative initiatives at every level of social and economic activity.
Information for members on “Get Certified” - 22/02/2006
The Professional Chamber of Piraeus has announced that the “Get Certified” programme is under way. Its sixth cycle is included in the Operational Programme for Competitiveness of CSF III.
Deadline for SME industrial subcontracting proposals - 17/02/2006
31 March 2006 is the deadline for small and medium-sized enterprises to submit applications for Action 2.7.3 (industrial subcontracting) of the Operational Programme for Competitiveness.
100,000-euro incentive for relocation of businesses - 06/07/2005
The aim of the action is to encourage businesses to relocate to organized industrial and small industry areas for growth and environmental reasons.
800 million euros for businesses - 12/06/2005
The Ministry of Development is promoting subsidies for every kind of business, in an effort to strengthen the market and entrepreneurship, and to create new jobs.
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