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Opportunities for enterprises from OPC - 20/08/2008
The Special Secretariat of Competitiveness reminds that via the Operational Programme of "Competitiveness", of the Ministry of Development, there are two proclamations, which concern enterprises. The first one concerns the subsidy to assist with costs of borrowing and financial leasing of small and very small enterprises and is carried out by the Credit Guarantee Fund of Small and Very Small Enterprises (TEMPME). The present energy is aiming at contributing to the improvement of competitiveness by increasing the degree of access for small and very small enterprises in sources of financing and reducing the cost of lending. The action addresses at existing or new founded small and very small enterprises, located in Greece, occupying until 20 workers and presenting annual turnover 10 millions euros. The application’s duration is until 1st September 2008.
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2 years of Clusters - 13/06/2008
Through the OP Competitiveness action ‘Creation of a nucleus of Clusters’ a pioneering and highly ambitious undertaking was launched, with a high degree of technological specialization, an expression of a shared vision and a fine example of collaboration between public and private sectors.
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Newsletter 24 / April 2008
View information on the developments in the programme for the time period
October 2007 - March 2008.
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Awareness-raising campaign to promote combined heat/power co-generation and renewable sources of energy - 13/06/2008
Energy-saving and generation of power from renewable sources – the two axes of Ministry of Development strategy …
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"9th International Venture Capital Forum" - 13/06/2008
We invite you to the 9th International Venture Capital Forum to be held on 19-20 June 2008 at the Hilton Hotel, Athens, Greece.
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"Event staged by the Athina Research Centre for Innovation in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies, at the Evgenidio Foundation" - 28/05/2008
Address of welcome by the Special Secretary for Competitiveness at the Ministry of Development Mr. Lefteris Stavropoulos at the event staged by the Athina Research Centre for Innovation in Information, Communication and Knowledge Technologies, at the Evgenidio Foundation
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O.P. ‘Competitiveness’ Event in the Region of Attica - 12/05/2008
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13/06/2008 "9th International Venture Capital Forum"
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