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The O.P. ‘Competitiveness’
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Projects Included in Programme
Data registered in MIS - 30/04/08 [pdf]

3rd Community Support Framework

Educational support for the ‘Get Connected’ Programme

The programme seeks to familiarize SMEs with the new ICTs so that they can adjust to contemporary market trends and practices. It provides on-site education and support for businessmen and employees, supplied by special consultants, to help them make full use of the new technologies and the internet.

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Floating Ecological Desalination Unit

This is an innovative project which combines, on a floating platform, a desalination unit and a wind-powered generator – the latter providing direct source of energy for the desalination of seawater. This floating, environmentally friendly and autonomous unit is the ideal solution wherever or whenever needed, mainly to help with the serious problem of drought faced by the Greek islands in the summer months.

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Study and Construction of Aviation Fuel Pipeline

This is a very important development project designed to provide a full and unimpeded flow of aviation fuel to the new Athens Airport. The project is expected to contribute to improving the flexibility and security of fuel supply to the new airport, and to improve the environment – given that it will reduce the need for oil tankers to deliver fuel, thereby cutting exhaust emissions and avoiding the risk of accidents in densely inhabited urban areas.
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Applications of Catalyst Evaluation Technology in the Oil Industry, under the AKMON Programme

The purpose of the AKMON Programme is to strengthen infrastructures, extend activities and improve the workings of research agencies in the public sector which can assist in the development of collaboration between, on the one hand, private businesses, and on the other, universities and research centres, in research and related activities (transfer of technology, measurements, analyses, evaluations).

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Creation of new knowledge-intensive business (SPIN-OFF) for the development of pioneering software solutions, under the Programme for Strengthening of Entrepreneurship among the Disabled

This is an innovative business engaged in the production of films, cartoons and audiovisual material for use on TV, in the cinema, in company and product marketing material using image and sound storage media.

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Support for research units in standardization and commercial exploitation of research results

The project PRAXE PHASE II is intended to create new knowledge-intensive companies (spin-offs) to exploit specific innovative research results. Through the operation of such new companies new jobs are created for scientific personnel, entrepreneurship is stimulated among graduates and doctoral candidates, private capital is used to exploit cutting-edge technologies and the country’s position in the knowledge society is strengthened.
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Development of SME Support Structure Network

The Business and Technological Development Centres (KETA) contribute to providing up-to-date information and support for SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs, to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and to monitoring competitiveness – forming an integrated network of business support structures.

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Support for research units in standardization and commercial exploitation of research results

This is a dynamic enterprise with a significant and growing base in terms of software, installations and sales. It seeks to develop pioneering software products to provide integrated cover for business needs, as well as providing the necessary services for the adoption of contemporary IT and telecommunications solutions by businesses and organizations.

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Financial incentives for private investment in renewable energy sources

This is one of the largest wind farms in Greece, with thirty-one 39.6MW wind turbines. It is installed at an altitude of 1300m in a remote, border region, at the location known as Patriarchis in the Prefecture of Rhodope. It supplies the country’s power grid with 113GWh each year.

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Transportation of Biological Material

The project involves the high-speed transportation of biological and potentially contaminated material, in special conditions guaranteeing proper lab practice, in order to protect public and workforce health and to safeguard the blood for transfusion or other material being transported.

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Image Processing Studio

The project involves the creation of an image processing studio using the technique of motion capture. This is a process in which a person’s movements can be digitally recorded and stored on computer. The studio will be working primarily for customers in the leisure, arts and advertising sectors. It will also offer motion analysis services to orthopaedic doctors, sports scientists, engineers and the education sector.

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Micro-Electronics Cluster

The Centre for Innovation in Micro-Electronics brings together 15 rapidly expanding Greek and foreign high-tech companies which are developing – mainly – innovative products and cutting-edge technologies in micro-electronic design of semi-conductors and integrated systems. The companies are already producing top-quality products for the global market, with about 80% of their customer base located abroad.

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Career Day at the Centre for Innovation in Micro-Electronics in Maroussi

To showcase the new prospects being opened up at the Innovation Centre the Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative and the Hellenic Semi-Conductor Industry Association are organizing a career day to be held on Wednesday 14th November 2007. The intention is to recruit, immediately, 50-100 talented graduates in electronics and electrical engineering, computer engineering and IT, as well as other disciplines.

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Operational Programme ‘Competitivenes and Entrepreneurship’


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