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The O.P. at a glance
What is the O.P. “Competitiveness” ?
The Ministry of Development Operational Programme “Competitiveness” comes under the 3rd Community Support Framework (3rd CSF) 2000-2006. It incorporates a package of actions and subsidies designed to improve the competitiveness of the Greek economy and to promote the country’s social and economic convergence with the other member States of the European Union.

Strategic Directions
A central feature of the Operational Programme is to support entrepreneurship in such areas as new technologies, the RES (Renewable Energy Resources) market, environment, tourism; furthermore to special population groups, such as young people, women and disabled individuals. The Programme is also committed to funding actions for business modernisation, especially addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in manufacturing-processing, tourism and the service sector.
Under the Operational Programme, the Greek Ministry of Development is also promoting projects to upgrade industrial regions, the national quality system, energy infrastructures and regional structures providing information, consultation, education and management support to businesses (in particular SME's). Along with Operational Programme actions and projects, the Ministry is also initiating a series of structural and institutional reforms in order to streamline the business environment, promote long-term development of the national workforce, and make optimal use of the country’s natural resources and energy.

Available Resources
The Operational Programme includes 9 priority axes with 41 measures, which in turn comprise 134 actions. These actions are designed to implement the corresponding policies in the Programme’s areas of intervention.
The Programme has been allocated 6.7 billion Euro from the total 3rd Community Support Framework (2000-2006) budget. The community contribution to the Programme amounts to 2.05 billion Euro from the following sources:
  • The European Regional Development Fund (1.9 billion Euro), contributing to the correction of the main regional imbalances and helping the less advantaged regions of the European Union catch up with their more developed neighbours.
  • The European Social Fund (159m Euro), contributing to the development of employment by fostering entrepreneurial spirit, employability, adaptability of the workforce, and equal opportunities, as well as investment in human resources.
Greek public spending amounts to 1.29 billion Euro, and private funding (contributions by ultimate beneficiaries) to 3.32 billion Euro.

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The O.P. "Competitiveness" is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF), the Greek Government and private funds.
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