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Management Authority

The Management Authority for the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’ comprises four Units:

Unit A: Planning and Evaluation, responsible mainly for preparing the Programme Complement, elaborating and recommending eligibility criteria for inclusion of operations under the CSF measures, and drafting the necessary reports to the Operational Programme Committee.

Units Β1, Β2, Β3: Monitoring and Management, responsible mainly for applying the procedures required for inclusion of operations under the O.P. measures and for monitoring implementation progress.

Unit C: Audit, responsible for carrying out the required audits, and for ensuring compliance with national and community directives and legislation.

Unit D: Organisation and Support, responsible for drawing up the programme of technical assistance operations, for organizing and running the Monitoring Information System, and for providing the necessary administrative support.

See Unit staffing [EL]

ISO Certification
logo_ISO.jpg As part of its ongoing efforts to improve efficiency, the Managing Authority has proceeded to develop a Quality Management System certified according to the ΕΝ ISO 9001: 2000 standard in June 2003.

The efficiency of the new system has been demonstrated by successful audits carried out by Greek and European audit authorities.
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