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Special Secretariat - Management Authority
Special Secretariat for Competitiveness | Management Authority
Special Secretariat for Competitiveness

The Special Secretariat for Competitiveness is an integrated administrative section οf the Greek Ministry of Development. Its task is to manage and apply the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’ being implemented under the 3rd Community Support Framework. The Special Secretariat is an important link in the creation of a reliable system for managing, monitoring and auditing of funds under the 3rd CSF in line with the new EU regulations and Greek national legislation.

Special Secretary for Competitiveness has been placed mr. Eleftherios Stavropoulos.

A new ad hoc authority under the Special Secretariat for Competitiveness – the O.P. ‘Competitiveness’ Managing Authority – has specific powers ensuring the efficiency and smooth functioning of programme management and implementation.

See the cv of the Special Secretary

Greek National Council for Competitiveness and Development
The NCCD has been upgraded (in Law 3279/2004) to operate as the government’s main consultant on matters concerning competitiveness. The Council consists of General and Special Secretaries from nine government ministries, along with delegates from all the main industrial and social agencies. The NCCD operates as a link between the market and the executive branch, and between Greek and EU policy.

NCCD operation has been entrusted to the Special Secretariat for Competitiveness at the Ministry of Development. A Panel of Experts and Directorate for the Promotion of Competitiveness have been established to support the NCCD. The policies drawn by the Council are short-term (proposals for dealing with international and domestic developments, corrective measures, etc.), medium-term (3rd and 4th CSF, foreign investment, public investment, legislation, etc.) and long-term (the general course of development in Greece, national and regional planning, new institutions, etc.).
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The O.P. "Competitiveness" is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF), the Greek Government and private funds.
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