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Current Calls
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Recent Calls
Title: Get certified (Cycle VI)
Publication: 10/02/2006 / Issuing Authority: General Secretariat for Industry
Description: The Ministry of Development – General Secretariat for Industry – calls on all interested parties to participate in the ‘Get certified’ programme. The programme is included in Measure 2.5, Action 2.5.2 of the Operational Programme ‘Competitiveness’ of the 3rd CSF.

Amendment to the Call for Proposals 2.5.2 "GET CERTIFIED" for Cycle VI Extension of deadline for proposals for Cycle VI of Action 2.5.2 of the 2nd Axis of the O.P. ‘Competitiveness’.
Total budget: €10.000.000 , Public spending: 50% / Private sector contribution:
Opening date: 10/02/2006 / Closing date: 05/05/2006
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Title: R&T cooperation between Greece and Montenegro for years 2006-200
Publication: 14/12/2005 / Issuing Authority: Gen. Sec. for R&T
Description: The General Secretariat for Research and Technology of the Ministry of Development and the Science and Further Education Department of the Ministry of Science and Education of Montenegro invite Universities, Research Centres and businesses in the public and private sector to submit joint R+T proposals under their bilateral Programme for Scientific and Technological Cooperation for the years 2006-2008. This invitation is issued in the context of Operation «Bilateral and Multilateral Research & Technological Development cooperation» in the Operational Programme "Competitiveness".
Total budget: €220.000 , Public spending: 50-100% / Private sector contribution:
Opening date: 14/12/2005 / Closing date: 03/03/2006
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Current Invitations
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Recent Invitations
Title: Water resources survey and assessment
Publication: 31/05/2005 / Final Beneficiary: ΙΓΜΕ
Description: Call for proposals under the Action 7.3.2 «Water resources survey and assessment» included in Measure 7.3 «Exploitation of natural resourses and support for meeting environmental commitments»
Total budget: €1.650.000,
Opening date: 01/06/2005 / Closing date: 30/11/2005
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Title: Support for the relocation of businesses in existing or new industrial infrastructures
Publication: 26/04/2005 / Final Beneficiary: ΕΦΔ
Description: : Call for proposals under the Action 2.12.6 titled «Support for the relocation of businesses in existing or new industrial infrastructures» included in Measure 2.12 «Industrial and business Infrastructures»
Total budget: €45.320.000,
Opening date: 26/04/2005 / Closing date: 31/05/2005
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