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Title: Water resources survey and assessment
Publication: 31/05/2005 / Final Beneficiary: ΙΓΜΕ
Description: Call for proposals under the Action 7.3.2 «Water resources survey and assessment» included in Measure 7.3 «Exploitation of natural resourses and support for meeting environmental commitments»
Total budget: €1.650.000,
Opening date: 01/06/2005 / Closing date: 30/11/2005
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Title: Installation of compressor stations at high-pressure pipelines
Publication: 15/02/2005 / Final Beneficiary: ΔΕΠΑ
Description: Call for proposals under Action 6.2.3 «Installation of compressor stations at high-pressure pipelines» included in Measure 6.2: «Improving flexibility, stability and reliability of natural gas system»
Total budget: €34.000.000,
Opening date: 21/02/2005 / Closing date: 31/12/2005
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