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Greek Ministry of Development
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Current Calls
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Recent Calls
Title: Support for innovative energy investments in island areas
Publication: 18/02/2005 / Issuing Authority: General Secretariat for Development
Description: More information concerning this Call to Tender is available in Greek
Total budget: €27.000.000, Public spending: 50% / Private sector contribution: 50%
Opening date: 18/02/2005 / Closing date: 28/07/2005
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Current Invitations
Measure 6.3: No current invitations found
Recent Invitations
Title: Projects promoting innovative solutions
Publication: 18/06/2004 / Final Beneficiary: ΕΦΔ
Description: Call for proposals under in Measure 6.3. «Special energy infrastructures for the islands and for promotion of RES»
Total budget: €27.500.000,
Opening date: 14/06/2004 / Closing date: 02/08/2004
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Measure 6.3: Current Invitations (0) Measure 6.3: Invitations Archive (1)
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Axis 1: Improving the Business Environment
Axis 2: Support and Encouragement for Entrepreneurship
Axis 3: Promotion of Business Excellence
Axis 4: Technological Innovation and Research
Axis 5: Differentiation of the Tourism Product – Promotion of Greece as a Tourist Destination
Axis 6: Security of the Energy Supply – Promoting the Deregulation of the Energy Market
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Axis 9: Technical Assistance
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