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28/07/2004 Research and Technology

The planning of O.P. actions in Research and Technology - in the framework of its general strategy to support quality-oriented competitiveness - focuses on a number of strategic targets: to encourage the creation of new businesses in knowledge-intensive fields by exploiting the results of research by research agencies; and to lend support to new or existing networks of research and technological activities that create competitive advantages.

To meet these goals the following policy priorities have been established:

  • Encouraging commercial exploitation of the results of research
  • Support for technological parks and research centres
  • Boosting business contribution to research efforts
  • Creation of new networks of technological and research activities
  • Awareness of vital contribution of technology to economic performance and prosperity.
  • Supporting Businesses for Research and Technological Development
    • Programme to develop Industrial Research and Technology in new businesses (PΑVΕΤ ΝΕ 2004 )
    • Programme for employment of new research staff in businesses - IRON
  • Support for Businesses, Research Agencies and Universities for Research and Technological Development
  • Support for Research Centres, Universities and other public agencies
    • Development of Public Research Agencies – AKMON Programme
  • Regional Development and Venture Capital (Support for creation and development of new businesses and development of activities to exploit knowledge and research results)
    • ELEFTHO Programme – Support for Science and Technology Parks and Business Incubators
    • Support for research institutes in pioneering and commercial exploitation of research results. Identification and exploitation of research results through creation of new businesses (spin-offs). Phase II / PRAXE B
  • Ending isolation of Greek research system and promoting international cooperation – Support for Businesses and Research Agencies in Research and Technological Development
    • Programmes of Transnational Research and Technology Cooperation
  • Further training – Awareness-raising of public in issues of technology, science and innovation (including projects to support research agencies, universities, businesses, museums, schools, in developing activities designed to familiarize the public with technological developments).
  • Policy Framing (including studies on indicators and statistical data and the Expansion Prospects Programme)

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